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    Blackberry MDS services

    i was using BES 4.1.4 and at that time MDS was working fine when i upgrade BES 4.1.4 to BES 4.1.6 the MDS stop working though WEB using HTTPS but it is working on Blackberry Manager concol.

    Before the Service pack 6 for BES I was able to connect on a local website on URL https://<bes>:7443/mds <https://%3cbes%3e:7443/mds>

    Now in BES 4.1.6 (for Exchange), the URL shown on MDS integration service in Blackberry Manager is https://<bes>:7443/mds-admin <https://%3cbes%3e:7443/mds-admin> . When I connect to this website on Internet Explorer, I have to enter credentials for MDSIS-Security (username by default is admin), but after authentication I ge....

    it give me error or blank page HTTP 404 error.

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    I have checked the web interface on a number of SP5 and SP6 installations and I can confirm that the web interface is no longer available. I will confirm the details with RIM next week for you.

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