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    How to import/export contacts from BB to outlook

    We use BES with outlook exchange. One user made some changes to his contacts whilst his redirection was turned off from the BES server.
    Now i've turned the redirection on and it doesn't seem like his outlook contacts are updating (though all the emails have showed up on the BB). How can i get those extra contacts that he created in his BB into his outlook contacts?

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    The first thing we need to ensure is that Wireless Sync is enabled for contacts. To check this setting this follow these steps:

    1. Open Address Book
    2. Press the menu button and select Options
    3. From Options ensure "Wireless Sync" is set to Yes
    4. Exit and Save

    If this option is already set to Yes please change it to No and Exit and Save. Once you save the setting wait 30 seconds and then change it back to Yes.

    If you could please post back with your results it would be appreciated.



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